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Cinnamon Hill Vineyard

NEBBIOLO | El Dorado County

Nebbiolo, considered the King of the Italian reds, was originally thought to derive its name from Nebbia, which is Italian for fog. But the Nebbiolo grape when ripe, has a color like no other. It is not a black grape but rather a dark burgundy color that is somewhat translucent and coated with a fog, or mist like appearance, hence the description Nebbia. This special selection of Nebbiolo from the Musso Family Vineyard, is a long lived red wine noted for its exceptionally complex bouquet of cranberry and rose petals.

DOLCETTO | El Dorado County

One of three classic varietals grown in the Piedmonte region of northwest Italy, our Dolcetto expresses its heritage on the Musso Family Vineyard in the hills of El Dorado County. The most fruit forward of the Piedmontese red wines, Dolcetto is dark in color, evoking fruits such as blackberries and blueberries. Our Dolcetto is a perfect accompaniment to simple antipasti dishes as well as pizza, pastas and a variety of chicken dishes.